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The purpose of Mount Olive Preschool is to provide an extension of the Christian family: A loving Christ-centered environment that will allow each child to grow spiritually, cognitively, emotionally, physically, socially and creatively, fostering a sense of accomplishment, self worth and independence.

1. Education Instruction
• Understand and compare numbers
• Alphabet (recognition of letters and their sounds)
• Develop interest in books
• Print her/his name in upper and lower case letter
• Recognize shapes and colors
• Develop creativity through art media


2. Social and Behavioral
We offer the child an opportunity to interact with other children of her/his own age in planned activities and free play. We strive to establish a feeling of respect for other people and their property. We seek to strengthen self-image and foster self-control.

3. Physical Development
The school selects activities that use large and small muscles in games and play, aerobics, manipulative and non-manipulative activities, loco-motor and creative movement exercises.

4. Christian Education/Chapel Time
The children learn about Jesus and His love for them. They become familiar with Bible stories, songs and learn prayers through out the school year. Chapel meets twice a week at 11:40am. Family and friends are welcome to attend chapel with our students.

5. Open Communication
• Parents are always welcome! We encourage participation in school activities and programs.
• Parents may make an appointment to discuss their student’s progress with the classroom teacher. The Preschool Director is available daily in the morning hours to speak with you, or you may make an appointment with her.
• Pre-K students are evaluated for kindergarten readiness. Evaluation is based on the daily observation of the student by the teacher.

Program Days and Hours
• Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. through 5:30 p.m.
• 3 hour – 4 hour – 6 hour and Full Day programs are available
• 2 days – 3 days – and 5 days per week

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